NLM Browser Toolbar

This appears to be a Conduit toolbar…but I see no proof that the NLM is actually behind it.

If you install it and use it, leave a comment to let me know what you think of it?

[Via Guus van den Brekel]

5 thoughts on “NLM Browser Toolbar

  1. Well I had a look at it and I cannot find out if the creator is really associated with th NLM. The toolbar is very extensive and probably almost complete (NLM databases, NLM news, links to a lot of pages of their own website, etc.) which makes it a bit heavy (41 databases in one search box!). The menu ‘About’ is not yet finished. I hope they will remove the e-mail notifier, weather forecast and radio player as default components after install.
    Once you have installed the toolbar you will notice that in fact you will have access to 7 other toolbars within the same toolbar (they are grouped – a nice feature of Conduit), like a PubMedCentral tolbar, Medline Plus, Clinical Trials and others.
    First I will wait to see how this toolbar evolves and if it will be claimed officially by the NLM (or somebody else). The second step could be to consider to group this toolbar into ours (of our library) if they allow it (not yet checked).

  2. The Help file of the NLM Toolbar has been updated and offers an overview of all options. The grouped Toolbars are “under construction” but will be finished within a few weeks, as well as as a blog about these Toolbars.