Scinversations: Aggregating Online Conversation About an Article

I think Jon Udell started it.

Jon noted that science stories get released online and bookmarked, commented upon, and blogged about all over the Web.

It’s all happening on the web, but it’s happening in isolated ghettoes with few points of actual contact. How could we bring those worlds into closer contact?

Jon also suggests how this might best be done.

Here’s one approach that could help. When the citation engines in the blogosphere find references in blog entries to scientific articles on the web, they could resolve those to their most canonical forms: DOIs, PubMed records. And they could make equivalences among those forms. That way, conversation in the blogosophere about a scientific article, and scientific conversation about the same article, would tend to hang together and would be discoverable in the same contexts.

Alf Eaton seemed to think this was a good idea and built a tool at Scintilla to do this. Go give Scintilla Conversations a try.

There’s also a Scinversations bookmarklet you can drag and drop on to your browser’s toolbar: Scinversations

Peter Suber points out a perfect PubMed Central article with which you can take the Scinversations bookmarklet to a test drive.

Nicely done, Alf!

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