Marcus Monday: Replace LIS Journals with Blogs

Marcus Banks is having quite a Monday.

First, he makes an argument for why LIS journals should be replaced by LIS blogs.

“…the traditional journal model is antiquated for sharing research and knowledge among librarians. A better course is to develop and nurture excellent blogs, with multimedia capabilities and guaranteed preservation of the postings. This could be an entirely new blog that starts from scratch, or an established journal that evolves into a blog.”

On peer review for this model:

“Peer review should be a post-publication process, rather than a pre-publication process that sometimes drags out for many months. If physicists can post pre-prints that get discussions flowing quickly, why can’t librarians?

The argument for pre-publication peer review is that it filters out poor research. This is a legitimate concern when the research in question is about a new and potentially deadly medical intervention. Library research is not like this; peer review can occur via community conversation.”

Interesting stuff that I’ll be thinking about for a good while.

Second, Marcus has posted the slides from his paper on MedLib Blogs via slideshare…but I can’t get slideshare to load. Dagnabbit.

Marcus kindly let me upload his slides to Google Docs so I could embed them here:

3 thoughts on “Marcus Monday: Replace LIS Journals with Blogs

  1. Thanks David! What an honor to have a day of the week named after me. Hope your readers find the presentation–and my view of blogs replacing journals–interesting.

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