More details: NLM Browser Toolbar

I posted earlier this month about a browser toolbar built to make use of NLM resources.

At the time I was impressed with Guus van den Brekel for having discovered it. It turns out that I have better reason to be impressed. Guus built it.

I finally got around to trying it…and I like it. I’m not sure that the “Other PubMeds” feature is really worth the real estate it takes up (I’d rather it linked directly to particularly useful 3rd-party PubMed Tools rather than to sites about them), but that’s a fairly minor complaint.

Conduit appears to have a good reputation and I absolutely trust Guus- so I’d say it is worth trying whether or not it has been endorsed by the NLM. If you have suggestions about how it could be improved, please share them with Guus.

One thought on “More details: NLM Browser Toolbar

  1. Thanks David for the kind words. And the minor complaint is worth mentioning, but I only put those references in yesterday. I planned to include the direct links to particularly useful 3rd-party PubMed Tools. I am still thinking about how. Maybe even a specific toolbar or a floating searchbox on the PubMed Toolbar….