Article about Anne O’Tate (3rd Party PubMed/MEDLINE Tool)

Free full text article (PDF) from the Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration on Anne O’Tate.

In this paper, we present Anne O’Tate, a web-based tool that processes articles retrieved from PubMed and displays multiple aspects of the articles to the user, according to pre-defined categories such as the “most important” words found in titles or abstracts; topics; journals; authors; publication years; and affiliations. Clicking on a given item opens a new window that displays all papers that contain that item. One can navigate by drilling down through the categories progressively, e.g., one can first restrict the articles according to author name and then restrict that subset by affiliation. Alternatively, one can expand small sets of articles to display the most closely related articles. We also implemented a novel cluster-by-topic method that generates a concise set of topics covering most of the retrieved articles.

(Hat tip: ResourceShelf)

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