EMRs in Hospitals…in the 1960s

Not new, but new to me:

Excerpt from a 1966 film on use of computers in healthcare, this segment from Akron general hospital predicts great things for computers in medicine.

See comment below: Chris says this is actually from Akron Children’s Hospital.

2 thoughts on “EMRs in Hospitals…in the 1960s

  1. Hi David, love your blog. This 1966 film is from Akron Children’s Hospital, not Akron General Medical Center. I’ve passed it on to the librarian at Akron Children’s. I’m sure she will enjoy it!!
    Chris Williams, Head Librarian, Akron General Medical Center.

  2. Thanks, Chris! I just pasted in the info it was posted to YouTube with- thanks for clarifying! I’ve added a note to the post. 🙂