More PubMed for Facebook

Gerry McKiernan points out two Facebook applications for searching PubMed, PubFace and PubMed Search.

PubFace Results:

PubMed Search Results:

It’s sort of neat to be able to quickly share a PubMed citation with another Facebook user (see the link in the PubFace results above for “Send to a friend” or PubMed Search’s “Share this” button) and it is handy to be able to add citations to a collection (see PubFace’s “Add to MyLibrary” links or PubMed Search’s “add this to your favorites”)… but I’m having trouble seeing how it is preferable to using PubMed itself and making use of MyNCBI or “Send to email”…or using a powerful bookmarking tool like, Connotea or CiteULike.

I’m only a casual Facebook user, so it is entirely possible I’m missing something. If so, please clue me in? Thanks!

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