Want to play with Google Sites?

Gabe Rios’ post about the new Google Sites service made me want to try it, so I added it to my existing Google Apps account. It’s neat- a really nice, intuitive, WYSIWYG wiki. I’m looking forward to seeing what features Google is going to add to it.

While I believe Google is seeing this tool as another facet of their Apps services (which seems built to erode Microsoft’s core businesses), Phil Bradley is annoyed that it is only available to those with a domain name and the ability to customize MX and CNAME records. That’s a fair point, I guess. It would be a lot cooler if one could share “sites” as easily as one shares Google Docs, Spreadsheets, or presentations (without restricting access to a domain).

Phil’s comments also made me wonder if maybe there were a number of libraryfolk who would like to try Google Sites but who don’t have their own domains to play with.

So I set up a Google Sites sandbox here for libraryfolk to play with:

Want to play in the sandbox? Email me (the address is on the right sidebar of this blog) and I’ll send you the login and password. Please be courteous and play nicely with others.


3 thoughts on “Want to play with Google Sites?

  1. Hi Alexey-

    This is the one I’ve been playing with.

    I thought it was easier to manage images in ‘Sites than in any of the blogging application I’ve ever used.

    No, I don’t think ‘Sites has RSS right nw- just email updates. It wouldn’t be hard to MAKE a feed for a ‘Sites page, though, with Feed43 or something similar.



  2. Google sites seems to be a very cool app. I recently signed on it and in no time I was able to keep my updated updated daily. It’s so easy to share the site and work on it.