Find Physicians with Xoova

Xoova is actually pretty cool in that it allows you to search “by any combination of name, specialist, treatment, condition, health plan & location.”

So if I wanted to find cardiologists in Syracuse, I could search for cardiology Syracuse, NY and get a list.

If I’m looking for a particular physician, it does pretty well with that too. If I search for Wasserman Syracuse cardiology, I’m taken to a page for Dr. Louis Wasserman that contains the contact information for his practice and a photo:

Just below that are (incomplete) lists of accepted health plans and affiliated hospitals:

Each physician’s page also has rating and recommendation features:

It also provides a definition of a cardiologist and a Google map showing where the physician’s office is:

Xoova’s FAQ seems to indicate that these profiles are actually created by the physician (or the physician’s office staff). If that’s the case, some physicians at the hospital where I work are significantly more Web-savvy than I suspected…so I’m thinking that maybe some of this information is imported from elsewhere.

One thought on “Find Physicians with Xoova

  1. I looked up some physicians in my own institution. The first name of two were spelled wrong, and the photo of another was the wrong person. So, I doubt that this information was supplied by the physicians themselves.