Medication Warnings to Physicians Via E-Mail

The not-for-profit iHealth Alliance, a not-for-profit group operated by the for-profit company Medem, plans to launch a Web site that will e-mail physicians to notify them of significant label changes, warnings and recalls related to medications, the Wall Street Journal reports. Currently, physicians receive most notifications by regular mail.

Pharmaceutical companies will pay to use the Health Care Notification Network, which will not include any marketing materials from the companies and will provide access at no cost for physicians who participate.

More about in their FAQ.

Resource Shelf asks: “Perhaps libraries/librarians will also be able to use this service?”

It doesn’t appear that librarians are eligible to sign up. Required registration fields include “Year Graduated from Medical School” and the form will not submit without information in the License Information fields.

That’s unfortunate. I’m certain that our hospital’s library, pharmacy, and patient safety experts would have liked to receive updates from this service.

I don’t understand why such a service even requires registration. What can’t it have a single RSS feed for all alerts for anyone who wants it?

Via iHealthbeat and ResourceShelf

One thought on “Medication Warnings to Physicians Via E-Mail

  1. I think this service is obsolete, a all label changes go through the FDA and they provide information for everyone (and the have RSS)