JANE, eTBLAST, and Whatizit

When I posted in February about JANE, I should also have mentioned eTBLAST(previously mentioned here):

Our service is very different from PubMed. While PubMed searches for “keywords”, our search engine lets you input an entire paragraph and returns MEDLINE abstracts that are similar to it. This is something like PubMed’s “Related Articles” feature, only better because it runs on your unique set of interests. For example, input the abstract of an unpublished paper or a grant proposal into our engine, and with the touch of a button you’ll be able to find every abstract in MEDLINE dealing with your topic. No more guessing whether your set of keywords has found all the right papers. No more sorting through hundreds of papers you don’t care about to find the handful you were looking for–our search engine does it for you.

I also recently stumbled across Whatizit:

Whatizit is a text processing system that allows you to do textmining tasks on text. The tasks come defined by the pipelines in the drop down list of the above window and the text can be pasted in the text area. The description of each individual task/pipeline can be found following the link next to the submit button. Whatizit is also a Medline abstracts retrieval/search engine. Instead of providing the text by Copy&Paste, you can launch a Medline search. The abstracts that match your search critetia are retrieved and processed by a pipeline of your choice.

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