Hope Leman and ScanGrants.com

Hope Leman and I first got in touch in June 2006 and we jabbered about RSS for a while. By September of 2006, Hope had rolled out MedGrab, where clinicians could easily find and subscribe to TOC updates of their favorite journals via email.

Just recently, Hope has rolled out another neat project called ScanGrants.

ScanGrants is designed to facilitate the search for funding sources to enhance individual and community health. The funding sources listed here may be of interest to virtually anyone associated with the health field – medical researchers, social workers, nurses, students, community-based health educators, academics and others.

Funding sources most frequently listed here include those of private foundations, corporations, businesses, and not-for profit organizations. Finding and listing less traditional funding opportunities is also a priority. Federal and state funding sources are typically not included on ScanGrants because they are readily available on other sites (e.g. www.grants.gov).

ScanGrants was developed as a tool for Samaritan Health Services and its collaborators, but it is also available for use by the general public. The listing is selective and is intended to supplement other search methods. In many instances, grant announcements have been abbreviated for the sake of brevity. To view the full grant announcement, click on the link to the source URL provided for each funding opportunity.

ScanGrants has an RSS feed and email subscription option for each grant category or you can search the site and subscribe to a feed of your search results.

This is a great idea and a terrific, useful (and really good-looking) service for Samaritan Health Services to share with the world.

2 thoughts on “Hope Leman and ScanGrants.com

  1. Hi, David–thanks for the wonderful write-up. As to the site being good looking, I would like mention that that is because we hired the incredibly talented Noel Ruiz of Niche Tank:


    Noel is a true artist and one of the pleasantest people to work with in the world. For those of us in need of web site help, he is the man.

    And thank you for all you do to keep us all apprised of key developments in medicine and librarianship. It is because you help us keep up to date that we out here can create things like ScanGrants to do the same for others

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