“What the heck is Twitter and why should I care?” (Alan Cann)

Dr. Alan Cann made a very decent SlideCast to help explain Twitter (embedded below):

Patricia Anderson and Jill Hurst-Wahl convinced me to give Twitter a third try, and I’m glad they did.

Twitter is fun and I enjoy it, but wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much if I wasn’t using Twhirl as a desktop client. If you try Twitter, here’s my advice:

1. Find the friends you want to try following and follow them.
2. Download and install Twhirl.
3. Leave Twhirl running in the background while you work. If you see a tweet that interests you or makes you want to respond, do. If the tweets you see don’t engage you, they’re easy to ignore after a quick glance.

3 thoughts on ““What the heck is Twitter and why should I care?” (Alan Cann)

  1. I’d be afraid to be constantly distracted by this (I’ve just set the update intervalls of my mail and rss client to 30min from 5min)

  2. I second the recommendation for Twhirl – it’s particularly good for handing multiple Twitter identities, i.e. teaching me, MicrobiologyBytes me and real me 🙂

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