Blogging MLA 2008

Looks like I *will* be blogging in the month of May, but only from Chicago.

To my surprise, I was approved as an “official conference blogger” for MLA 2008.

All MLA 2008 conference bloggers:

Stewart Brower – Professional Notes

A’Lyn Ettien – The Creature from the Health Informatics Class

Marie Kennedy – Organization Monkey

Maureen ‘Molly’ Knapp – LSUHC New Orleans Health Sciences Center

Michelle Kraft – The Krafty Librarian

Leigh Mihlrad – Leigh’s Little Corner of the Web

Emily Molanphy (Emily has 2 blogs!) – Emily’s Journal – and – Eponymous Blog about Libraries

Bryan Nugent – The Universe of Medical Librarianship

David Rothman –

Eric Schnell – The Medium is the Message

For reasons I haven’t yet been able to determine, they decided to aggregate all posts about MLA 2008 from each of these blogs on a page at a WetPaint wiki …but don’t provide an aggregated feed. So here’s a feed I slapped together in Yahoo! Pipes.

Here’s that same feed, previewed with FeedSweep:

I’ll put together a feed that pulls from more than official sources (sort of like the one I set up for CIL2008) next week and will elaborate on the MLA2008 GroupTweet I set up that’ll allow MLA attendees who use Twitter to conveniently send a tweet to all other MLA 2008 Twitter users from a laptop, cell phone, or other mobile device.

I’m bringing with me to Chicago these newfangled devices for the digital recording of sound and images (both still and moving)- so expect at least a little of that sort of stuff to appear here between 5/17 and 5/21.


8 thoughts on “Blogging MLA 2008

  1. Hooray! Looking forward to seeing you–hopefully Chicago has nice weather for the conference

  2. Hey, cool!

    Thanks for putting together the feed. That makes ever so much sense. I’m subscribing right now!

  3. David you are so together. 🙂
    I will just have my old digital camera (the new cool one will remain at home).

    I am looking forward to seeing you again.

  4. Thank, Michelle- but if I was really together, my blog wouldn’t have been so quiet the last several weeks. 🙂

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