12 thoughts on “MLA 2008: 5/18/08 Poster Session I

  1. Nice one! I keep trying to remember to make more use of videos… Since I missed other posters (the drawback to staffing your own), I’ll consider myself caught up!

  2. I made the video! Awesome! Great to see you yesterday and charge through the poster sessions :-p

  3. Hey David I love your videos!
    Great to see a bit of you moving rather than just photos. Very inspirational – maybe I’ll have a go too.

  4. haha very cool!! sending along to my mom so that she can see me in library-action 🙂

  5. Hey- I subscribe to your blog and really appreciate your putting yourself out there for all of us to read.

    I was at MLA today and enjoyed hearing you speak as well. Nice to see the face behind the blog!

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