5 thoughts on “MLA 2008: Poster Session II

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  2. Really enjoyed your poster session videos. They are both really great. BUT, you seem to be fixated on only the posters that use web 2.0 stuff. You know there is good work being done outside the realm of web 2.0 and some of us are stuck in libraries who are not readily embracing these technologies, even when we want to take them and run with them. I think I am feeling a bit left out!

  3. Hi Jan-

    My interest has always been focused on the applications of Web technologies. I blog about the stuff that interests me.

    Please understand that it is not my goal to blog about all facets of medical librarianship. The uneven coverage of posters is not the side effect of a fixation, but a specific and deliberate choice.

    Does that make sense?



  4. Oh sure, it makes sense. I see your side too. Too bad there’s not someone else out there making similar videos of the more traditional research. I think I have video envy. 🙂

  5. Y’know…the camera I used cost only about $100.00 and the editing software needed comes with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

    …So when making videos like these is really, really inexpensive, why settle for having video envy? Make some! 🙂