More MLA 2008 Slides: Ebling RSS

(I don’t care that Ratcatcher beats me to posting cool stuff. I’m gonna’ post ’em anyway- they’re cool and deserve multiple mentions from MedLib blogs.)

From the Ebling Library at the University of Wisconsin Madison:

Also available as PDF.

I also really enjoyed this poster from EblingPronounced “EEEEEbling.” I’d like to take a moment to thank the person who helped me look really dumb (as if I needed help) in front of Erika Sevetson (who is very nice) by assuring me in a wholly confident tone of voice that it was pronounced “Ebbling.” You know who you are.:

(Fair Warning: PDF is about 7 MBs)

Lots more on this project from Ebling here

2 thoughts on “More MLA 2008 Slides: Ebling RSS

  1. Hi, David. Ebling has a good reputation out here in the Pacific Northwest. I was very pleased and grateful to them for listing ScanGrants as one of their links:

    (shameless plug for ScanGrants there—subtlety be dammed)

    and told Alison Aldrich, Technology Outreach Coordinator the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Northwest Region about that:

    She said that Ebling does indeed do very interesting stuff with RSS and current awareness. Way to go, Ebling! Can they really get people to sign up for RSS services? It still seems too daunting for even tech savvy people sometimes and they back away in terror. I find everything has to be packaged into email alerts to gain traction among our patrons.

    Stephen Johnson at Ebling responded within minutes to an inquiry I made–talk about helpful and courteous.

  2. Are you kidding? ScanGrants is awesome!

    I have to say, we didn’t start out thinking we’d create this huge resource–we just were looking into “what could we do,” and it just evolved. In retrospect, it looks much more planned out. 🙂