MiSearch: Adaptive PubMed Search Tool


From MiSearch Help:

“MiSearch works with NCBI Entrez and your history of browsing to build a profile of your areas of interest, and uses this information to rank citations likely to be of most most information to you at the top of the list.”

“MiSearch uses a classification algorithm based on MeSH term, substance names and author names associated with citations. Two sets are defined. One is the set of articles you have previously clicked on to view. The other is all of PubMed. For each citation in the retrieval set, the algorithm calculates the likelihood that the citation is a member of these two sets. Article having the highest likelihood of belonging to the set of articles you have viewed are ranked at the top of the list.

The “User” field is used as an identifier to track usage. If you do not provide a name, the IP address of your request will be used as a default. If you know you will be doing searches for different tasks with different subject areas, feel free to define a “User” for each task.”

Slides from an MLA 2008 presentation by NLM Associate Fellow Marisa Conte

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