Off-Topic: Boggle and Sneak

You might remember that about a year ago I posted about our friend Fritz’s “Novel-a-month” project.

Of of those books is published and available now. Here’s Fritz explaining Boogle and Sneak in 32 seconds:

(Those reading via RSS may need to visit the site in order to view embedded video above)

I think this makes Fritz pretty much the coolest Dad ever.

You can purchase the hardcover book via Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Fritz adds:

Boggle & Sneak is Creative Commons licensed (CC-BY-NC).
Download the full text for free: PDF · HTML · TXT
Noncommercial sharing and remixing are strongly encouraged.

See what I mean? Coolest. Dad. Ever.

More detail (including Maker Faire video and Instructable for Fritz’s Time Machine) here.

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