Been meaning to post about e-LiSe since I saw the article about it in March.

“e-LiSe (e-Literature Searcher) is an easy-to-use web-based application which finds biomedical information truly related to English words provided by the user. The program uses PubMed database of scientific abstracts as the source of data and a novel bio-linguistic statistical method (based on Z-score), to discover true correlations, even when they are low-frequency associations.

e-LiSe is also capable of finding names of researchers correlated to the information searched by the user. It can function as a name reference engine, answering questions like “who is working on specified subject?” or “what are the coworkers/collaborators of a certain person?”. For the latter the software uses the list of co-authors of each publication a researcher has written to display connections between scientists.”

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