The UK Biblioblogosphere

The UK Biblioblogosphere is a blog by Keir Hopwood. From Keir’s announcement:

I wanted to announce my new blog, which details my MSc ILM research project on UK academic (i.e. university) library blogs:

On this blog I will

a) detail the progress and any interesting milestones in the research andwriting process itself

b) keep a list of relevant online resources, including openly available scholarly literature and related blogs

c) keep an updated “directory” of UK academic library blogs at

I warmly invite all readers of this list to follow my progress, leave comments and especially alert me to any new or closing blogs so that I can keep the list up to date.

I hope it contributes to research and practice in this field.

Keir, I expect to plunder your account for blogs not yet added to LibWorm– good luck with your project and thanks for making your collection available to others!

3 thoughts on “The UK Biblioblogosphere

  1. Thanks for the blog shout there, Mr. Rothman.

    Are you aware of any more efficient ways to identify if university libraries have a blog, other than checking their website or emailing them?

    I looked on this LibWorm thing but I’m not sure how to narrow it down to UK universities, nor did I get much success with the major search engines (although slightly more!).


  2. Hi Keir-

    We’re hoping to add geographical information to each feed in LibWorm eventually- but it isn’t available at the moment.