If you use Gmail, I have your Xoopit Invitation

With all the photos and videos I’m dealing with in my email right now, I love Xoopit.

The service scans your gmail account for media (photos, videos, etc.). The Firefox add-on allows you to easily manage/search/sort/view this media.

I’ve asked for and was given 100 invitations for readers of davidrothman.net. Click here to get started.

It’s in Beta. YMMV, but as someone who manages a significant number of email accounts with Gmail and lots of media, I’m just loving it.

Our child was born four days ago and I’m taking time to put up a brief blog post about Xoopit. Let that inform your sense of how much I like it.

8 thoughts on “If you use Gmail, I have your Xoopit Invitation

  1. It is an interesting commentary on the evolution of trust on the internet that an unknown startup providing a “free” service with no immediately understandable business model can ask you point-blank for your email login and password, and many people will hand it over without a second thought.

    And yet people are still leery of providing simply their email address on a registration form for fear of getting spam.

  2. Congratulations on the new baby! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    I always enjoy your helpful and interesting posts but I agree with Blud above.

    It seems sometimes people need even less than a carrot to do all kind of weird things…

  3. yeah – i had this feeling, too. It’s not designed for security – not very happy about it. but still I did it and it’s very handy.