PubMed Search Clinic (Guest Post by Nikki)

Hello, this is Nikki from Eagle Dawg Blog stepping in while David enjoys time with his beautiful family. Here is a friendly reminder that a 30 minute PubMed search clinic will be offered tomorrow (July 17th) at 2pm Eastern time (what time is that throughout the world?) by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Training Center and Clearinghouse (NTCC) to the first 300 participants to log in at Please note the following from NLM about questions you have during the search clinic:

The Chat (Q & A) Pod:
Because of the size of this clinic, we unfortunately will not be able to take questions using audio. Please use the Chat (Q & A) pod to type questions and comments to the trainers. Please enter your questions throughout the presentation, as you think of them. Your question will be visible only to you and the trainers, unless the trainers choose to display your question and an answer to all participants. The trainers will answer the questions that seem helpful to all participants verbally, at the end of the clinic. Others may be answered individually via the Chat pod. If the answer requires additional research or we run out of time, the trainers will contact you via e-mail following the clinic and/or post the responses to the clinic’s Web site.

If you have not used Adobe® Connect™ before (or since they acquired Macromedia Breeze), check that you have the most recent free Adobe Flash update (version 9.0.124) as using 9.0.115 and earlier versions may result in audio problems while accessing the archive later on. I recommend viewing the recent ‘Awakening the Searcher Within’ seminar series from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region (NN/LM PNR) archive both as a way to test your audio and see how the chat pod is used in Adobe® Connect™ in addition to reviewing some great search strategies.

Check out Krafty Librarian’s post for background on what others have blogged about the Automatic Term Mapping (ATM) changes in PubMed. Some modifications to the recent ATM formatting were made on July 2nd to have the ATM not include individual word searches in all fields for multi-word substances and MeSH headings that include individual numbers or letters. I probably sound like a broken record, but please do continue sending in your concise feedback to NLM as user requests are what drive changes to their resources. Hope to see you at the search clinic!


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