pubmedpdflogo.pngI’ve previously posted about commercial applications for managing PDF files that access PubMed for article metadata (including iPapers, Papers, Sente, BibDesk, and Librarian) but I just stumbled across a new (to me) open source option called PubMedPDF.

Built on the open-source content management system XOOPS (XOOPS Cube fork), PubMedPDF “…is a Document Management System which provides various useful functions. This uses ID which is used in the PubMed Database to automatically generate paper information. If the paper you want to register has that ID, you don’t have to input any information.”

Also of interest to Mac users is the BioMed Lab Portal Server Package.

3 thoughts on “PubMedPDF

  1. Interesting stuff! David, I wonder if the’re management applications for windows too? Regards, oliver

  2. This one is server-side, Oliver- so it should work on a Windows machine.

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