2 thoughts on “A Question About Knol

  1. I have not explored both of them either in detail esp. not squidoo..

    I have heard about knol since it started recently and backed by Google so of course everyone has to take notice of it or perish…

    on first notice, I think of squidoo as not so serious stufff.. than Knol appears and IS … so the image and authority of Knol is / seems bigger to me..
    Knol has experts name and face with it.. I do not think squidoo has it..

    Its another matter that Its unethical on Google’s (the King of content search) part to enter into content creation busines.. since its going to give its own pages higher rank than others.. or atleast its a good speculation, if not really the reality… once you have a doubt raised .. the clean image so far of Google does not remain without a black spot now since inception of Google….