WordPress Fun

Oy. Finally performed a long-overdue upgrade of WordPress, so this blog is finally running the latest version. I’m slowly working on a redesign- so if you’re reading this post via RSS, stop by the site and let me know what you think so far.

One thing I’m pleased about is that I’ve finally set up this blog’s mobile version. Those visiting via mobile device (Hi Melissa Rethlefsen and J. Dale Prince!) will see a version more suitable for a small screen.

In case your mobile browser isn’t recognized and automatically shown the mobile version, I’ve put a link at the top left of the header that’ll turn it on:

Please let me know what you think. 🙂

7 thoughts on “WordPress Fun

  1. Nice and Clean. I have to second Barbara on the Google ads thing, did you always have those. I read a lot in Bloglines so I may not have seen them before.
    One note, you might put the switch back to regular blog link closer to the top of your mobile blog page.

    Of course, all of this reminds me that I have to get off my butt and do some updating the look and feel of mine. But with the oldest going to Kindergarten and the new school year, I am postponing for a little while.

  2. Michelle, that’s a REALLY good idea to have a link to go back to the normal (non-mobile) version at the top of the page- I’ve added that to the mobile version. Thanks!

    I have had the Google ads for about a year, I think. They don’t get in the way of navigation. While they don’t make a lot of money, they at least make the site pay for itself. This is especially important to me now that I realize how much I underestimated the cost of diapers in my budget. 🙂

  3. I feel that you did this specifically for me. A year after I asked for it, but, well, you had things on your mind. So thanks!

    It didn’t automatically recognize my iPhone, but I’m very pleased with the format. Curious, though, how a new technology makes us demand Lynx-like text pages.

  4. Dale-

    Yes, it was for you and Melissa.

    A year, my Aunt Fanny. You asked for it in February.



  5. February of this year?

    Perhaps. But it was a subjective year. I suffer when thwarted.

    Plus: you said “fanny.”