iPod Touch (NOT iPhone) in the Healthcare Setting

I don’t own any Apple hardware (dang it), so I’ve stayed out of discussions about the use of the iPhone in a healthcare setting– but when someone like John Halamka opines about such things, I pay attention.

Check out John’s post on why “…the iPod Touch is a device to watch for clinical and educational applications.”

If anyone would like to buy me an iPod touch, please feel free.

(If you’re interested in technology and healthcare, you should be reading John’s blog: Life as a Healthcare CIO [feed])

2 thoughts on “iPod Touch (NOT iPhone) in the Healthcare Setting

  1. Check out the article
    The iPhone in Medical Libraries Journal of electronic resources in medical libraries. Colleen Cuddy.
    2008, 287-92.

    I saw the abstract to this article and John’s post the same day and I thought they might tie in well together. Unfortunately we don’t have the journal, so I am waiting for the ILL of it to come.

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