Oct 27

Web 2.0 in Physical Therapy: A Practical Overview

Eugene Barsky and Dean Giustini wrote an editorial for Physiotherapy Canada on practical tips and useful Web sites for physical therapy that is short, practical, and chock full of resources I know and like. It isn’t comprehensive by any means (and doesn’t seek to be), but I think it provides a really good, digestible introduction to some useful tools for those in physical therapy.

Barsky E., & Giustini D. Web 2.0 in Physical Therapy: A Practical Overview. Physiotherapy Canada, 2008; 60(3): 207-215.

Available at either of these URLs:


Oct 07

I Didn’t Have a Heart Attack

I read you had a heart attack!

Yeah, I just recently read that myself.

How are you feeling?

Thanks for asking. I’m feeling very grateful that I have *not* had a heart attack.

Are you sure? I could swear that I read you had a heart attack.

I’m pretty sure. I checked.

David H. Rothman of TeleRead DID have a heart attack. I don’t know him well, but on the many occasions where a confused emailer has been routed from one of us to the other, he’s always been awfully pleasant. Best wishes to David and his family for a speedy recovery.

If you’re not ill, why haven’t you been blogging?

I have noticed a pattern: Those who have asked me this question generally do not have children. Those who have ever had a new baby at home don’t bother to ask- they correctly assume that all of my priorities have been radically shaken up. I’ll probably resume blogging when things settle down and I figure out where in my order of priorities this blog figures.