I Didn’t Have a Heart Attack

I read you had a heart attack!

Yeah, I just recently read that myself.

How are you feeling?

Thanks for asking. I’m feeling very grateful that I have *not* had a heart attack.

Are you sure? I could swear that I read you had a heart attack.

I’m pretty sure. I checked.

David H. Rothman of TeleRead DID have a heart attack. I don’t know him well, but on the many occasions where a confused emailer has been routed from one of us to the other, he’s always been awfully pleasant. Best wishes to David and his family for a speedy recovery.

If you’re not ill, why haven’t you been blogging?

I have noticed a pattern: Those who have asked me this question generally do not have children. Those who have ever had a new baby at home don’t bother to ask- they correctly assume that all of my priorities have been radically shaken up. I’ll probably resume blogging when things settle down and I figure out where in my order of priorities this blog figures.

8 thoughts on “I Didn’t Have a Heart Attack

  1. Oh my goodness, so cute! I want you to take a moment to contemplate something: twins. Yeah, I get it. We miss you but understand. Enjoy. Get sleep.

  2. Very glad to hear that you are heart attack free. When I tested Google Alerts with the usual ego search the first alert I received announced my own death of a heart attack. Always a spooky feeling.

    Glad to see your addition doing so well – he looks a belter.

  3. He is so cute!!!! I am glad you all are enjoying every minute with him. I look back and think about how fun and cute they were when they were itty bitty and then I think about how fun and cute they are now. Each age presents it own set of unique hurdles and joys and they are all very special. Enjoy.

  4. *LMAO* Sorry, was that insensitive? That is just the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! Wait next you’ll be reading your own obituary.

  5. OMG how adorable. He looks like he is cooking up some mischief. I feel you; a new baby takes all you’ve got, but still looking forward to your return to full-speed blogging 🙂 Enjoy this wonderful time.

  6. Shifting of priorities is a whole chapter in the user’s manual that came with the baby. You did get one of those didn’t you? Well, the unfortunate part is they don’t hand them out upon delivery. They are only acquired when the child reaches the age of 29 and then they have to be written by you. So, the manuals are useless to anyone else because they are specific to your child who is not like anyone else’s child. But take it from someone whose eldest child is 26 – it will never settle down. Adjust your priorities accordingly. Here is wishing you a lifetime of fun and love with your family. And here is hoping for the rest of us selfish librarians that you will be able to find time to keep your blog up (at least a little) as I’ve enjoyed it over the years. Take care.

  7. You know you are famous when reports of your death are greatly exaggerated (thanks Mark Twain!)