Web 2.0 in Physical Therapy: A Practical Overview

Eugene Barsky and Dean Giustini wrote an editorial for Physiotherapy Canada on practical tips and useful Web sites for physical therapy that is short, practical, and chock full of resources I know and like. It isn’t comprehensive by any means (and doesn’t seek to be), but I think it provides a really good, digestible introduction to some useful tools for those in physical therapy.

Barsky E., & Giustini D. Web 2.0 in Physical Therapy: A Practical Overview. Physiotherapy Canada, 2008; 60(3): 207-215.

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3 thoughts on “Web 2.0 in Physical Therapy: A Practical Overview

  1. David and Dana, sorry folks, this time it is not an open access journal. University of Toronto Press was very strict with open access, which pretty much surprised Dean and myself.

    If interested, please send me a note to eugene.barsky@ubc.ca and I will send you my private archive copy.