UNYOC (CE slides) and NYLA Tomorrow

My apologies to the awfully nice folks who attended the CE course I taught at UNYOC a couple of weeks ago! I’ve taken far too long to get these slides posted:

Also: I’ll be on a panel at NYLA tomorrow (Friday, 11/6/2008) afternoon at 4:00 PM- please say hello if you’re going to be there! As usual at these sorts of things, I’ll know almost nobody. But hey- I might get to meet Polly Farrington!

3 thoughts on “UNYOC (CE slides) and NYLA Tomorrow

  1. Love the phrase, “Technology is good when it saves us time, money, or hassel (or provides entertainment).

    Oh and I love the picture of Simon on the Meet the Blogger slides. He is just too cute with the little brown ear hat.

  2. I’m getting an “invalid slide show” prompt when I try to e-mail this. Any suggestions