novo|seek (3rd-Party PubMed/MEDLINE Tool)

(First started drafting this post on 10/27/2008, then posted an incomplete draft by accident on 2/2/2009. Sorry ’bout that.)

I received an email recently which invited me to try the beta version of novo|seek.

Novo|seek is the product of a Madrid-based company called bioalma (a.k.a. Alma Bioinformatics).

novo|seek is an information extraction system for searching the published knowledge in biomedical literature.

novo|seek index the biomedical literature with a text mining technology that enables identify uniquely the key biomedical terms. To do this unambigous identification the technology takes into account external available data and contextual term information. As a result of this indexing technology novo|seek is able to retrive every document where a term is mention no matter the synonym used and discard those documents where the term is use with an unwanted meaning.

So…that means better term mapping? I wonder how the mapping compares to ReleMed.

Since “HRT” is something we know PubMed has had trouble mapping in the past, we’ll try looking for “HRT” in both ReleMed and novo|seek.

ReleMed mapped “HRT” quite nicely:

novo|seek was unable to map “HRT” and produced no results.

Moving on.

With novo|seek you can:

  • Extract precise information for over 3 million key biomedical concepts, no matter whether they are diseases, drugs, chemicals compounds, symptoms or genes.
  • Retrive key biomedical concepts and bibliographic information to your query.
  • Highlight relevant biomedical concepts in the text.
  • Filter your results fast and easy.
  • Review key information derived from over thousands of documents in a single screen.
  • Search for an author and find key research concepts based on the analysis of his or her research.
  • Link to relevant external chemical and biological information.

I like the ability to filter by related concepts appearing in the left sidebar, but GoPubMed seems to do this in a similarly useful manner.

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For that matter, PubMed PubReMiner does much the same thing.

Questions for novo|seek:

  • How does the relevance sorting work?
  • What does novo|seek do that none of the other 3rd-Party PubMed/MEDLINE tools do?
  • How does the mapping of search strings to “over 3 million key biomedical concepts” work?
  • Could you give an example where novo|seek’s mapping demonstrates superiority to PubMed’s or ReleMed’s?

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  1. Novoseek pinged me, as well. I tried to get them involved in a discussion on FF, but to no avail. Seems strange to make this foray into social media and then not be around to engage with the attention they drew.