More on Evaluating Health Journalism

Francesca Frati (who rules) pointed out last week a site produced by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow:

Craig Stoltz (previously mentioned) dropped me an email to point out a post I’d missed from The Health Care Blog by Alicia White of Bazian (the company which evaluates stories for the NHS’s Behind the Headlines service).

Says Ms. White:

…we’ve developed the following questions to help you figure out which articles you’re going to believe, and which you’re not.

Questions include:

  • Does the article support its claims with scientific research?
  • Is the article based on a conference abstract?
  • Was the research in humans?
  • How many people did the research study include?
  • Did the study have a control group?
  • Who paid for and conducted the study?
  • Did the study actually assess what’s in the headline?
  • How can I find out more?

Good stuff. Go read it.

Thanks again for the pointers, Francesca and Craig!

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