Directory of Librarians Who Twitter

Most know I’m not a huge fan of Twitter (I prefer FriendFeed), but this interests me anyway.

JustTweetIt is a service intended to help Twitter users find others they may want to follow and includes directories. I recently stumbled across JustTweetIt’s directory of Twittering Librarians

Check it out, see if there are any librarians listed you want to follow and consider adding an entry to help others find you.

7 thoughts on “Directory of Librarians Who Twitter

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  2. Hi, David–very interesting and helpful. Quite a variety and easy to add oneself. I like FriendFeed a lot too and recommend that librarians check out the Science 2.0 room. I am learning a lot there about the Open Science movement, which is something we should all learn about.

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  4. Sine you blogged about this directory, the list has grown quite a bit. I think you should tweet more often! Thanks!