I’m not sure what to make of WebPax.com…but at first glance, it seems really cool to have a Web-based service for viewing images in DICOM format. I know at least a couple of physicians who will want to try it out right away for sharing the occasional scan with a colleague from a distance.

I *do* like that DICOM files are anonymized as they are uploaded. DICOM tags are cleared and…

• The year and month are not modified
• The day is set to the first of the month
• The time is set to midnight

The patient’s birth date is set to January 1, 1970

I’ll say this much: If I kept a digital personal health record in an online service, I’d want to be able to view DICOMs in it with this kind of tool. Google needs to buy these guys or build a comparable tool. Maybe that’s what they and IBM can work on next.

One thought on “WebPax.com

  1. Webpax looks really cool, but it could have security issues. I know they say they have security in place, but it still concerns me. I am even still concerned with EMR’s (Check out the latest argument: http://tinyurl.com/apg9yn). How safe is our data? Then the question becomes, what do we fight more to secure? I mean we can only fight so many battles to secure our data in the new connected world.
    Great post and thanks for pointing out the new tool. ~Alisha Miles (Twitter: Alisha764)