Pubget RSS and Firefox Download Extension

Okay, so we already knew that Pubget is pretty neat and, for the organizations who can implement it, it speeds up the process of getting the full text PDF to the user.

Pubget’s head developer, Ian Connor, keeps me updated on new developments. I was delighted to hear that Pubget now offers RSS feeds with links to the full-text PDFs via one’s organization’s access. The example in the embedded video below uses an open access journal, but gives a good idea what the new feature looks like.

So the idea is that if you click on the link in the RSS feed, Pubget scrolls down the list of the results, highlights the right paper, and displays that PDF.

Pubget also has a new Firefox extension (available at for registered users at that will allow them “…to download all papers from a search or latest issue to their local hard drive.” See embedded video below.

If your organization uses Pubget, how about writing a review for the JMLA? Everything I see and hear from Ian looks insanely cool, but I’d love to hear what a medical librarian thinks after a road test.

2 thoughts on “Pubget RSS and Firefox Download Extension

  1. This is great for everyone, but especially the poor guys who can't get Papers. This is a valuable addition to the PC community, but it should include the same tools as pubmed for searching so you don't have to go two places for searching… or maybe this is more of a service for librarians?

    By the way: Check out Papers, (I am only a fan and not affiliated… but this is a great program, unfortunately only for mac users, but still).

    I am a student researcher myself,

    Kind regards,
    Jon from Denmark

    P.S.: Did I mention that you are the reason why blogs should exist… no inane chatter about your cat (although that is fine I guess) but expert (I assume) opinion on your field of expertise, keep it up!

  2. It is actually designed for researchers so if there are any key search features missing, let us know – we want to add them (team [at] We have tags similar to PubMed and an advanced search option. However, if there is anything else – please just click contact us or let me know.