Watch Nikki Pound Clinical Reader

When I became aware of Clinical Reader (no linky Google-juice for these guys- you can find ’em if you want to), I decided just to ignore them. In previous years, I might have enjoyed pointing out various disappointing aspects of the site (I’m a peevish naysayer, it has been said). There was no need, though. There are more really good MedLib bloggers than there once were, some of whom are far better at it than I have ever been.

To my delight, Nicole Dettmar was the one to do it.

To answer Alan’s question: Probably just stupid, but they still deserve a good smacking. Jerks. “Legal ramifications,” my Aunt Fanny.

Moral of the story: Don’t try to intimidate a smart medical librarian- you’ll not only fail, but she’ll make you look *really* stupid for trying.

Go, Nikki!

EDIT: Yet another reason to love Steve Lawson.

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