Colbert Uncovers Public Library Crime

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Nailed ‘Em – Library Crime
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I’d be interested to hear response from this library…or from other public libraryfolk.

7 thoughts on “Colbert Uncovers Public Library Crime

  1. It’s troubling that someone in the library felt it was more important to make a point about tax money than to consider the kid or the publicity the library received from his participation. However, it’s also Colbert, so I’d be surprised if everything was accurately depicted in this story.

  2. It’s unfortunate that the situation tends to reinforce negative stereotypes about librarians. It sounds like an opportunity to do some staff retraining, both with regards to properly issuing cards in the first place, and in managing mistakes in a more positive way. Leaving a voice mail message saying the kid’s card was rescinded was probably not the most effective way to handle it.

  3. First off, shame on the library for responding in the way they did and shame on them for not catching it in the first place. If I were the director, I would do whatever I could to make sure this model library user was able to continue library services without interruption, either by purchasing a card or helping him use his ILL or other delivery at a library closer to home.

    This is a fairly common scenario in public libraries. We are across the river from another state and get lots of out-of-state users. They prefer to come to us because of better selection and technology and longer hours. To have full access to our collections and services, they can purchase a library card for the equilavent cost of what our city’s average tax-payer pays for library service in a given year. (Right now, that’s about $7/month.)

    The great thing about Wisconsin is that there are reciprocol privileges for any state resident, without a fee. With proof of Wisconsin address, anyone can get a library card at whatever library in the state they choose.