This blog has looked at Clinical Trial search tools previously. Some highlights included:

Also useful for non-clinician is the MedlinePlus page on clinical trials.

Trial-X does a couple of things differently.

First is that it seems Trial-X can gather your demographic information and diagnosis from your Google Health account or your Microsoft HealthVault account and apply it to your clinical trial search.

Second is that the search criteria one can apply is far more detailed than in any of the other search tools I’ve seen.

Then it maps your information on a grid to see if you’re a good match for the trials known to the system:

And if there’s no good match? Trial-X will email you if it finds one.

I’ve only given it a quick once-over, but it looks pretty neat. Anyone else tried it? Any insights?

2 thoughts on “Trial-X

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  2. One of the things about TrialX that intrigues me is the ability to search the database via messages from Twitter and via iPhone.

    They say, “Send us a tweet @trialx CT ‘your healthprofile'”. Follow the format, and get a tweet back with a link to a webpage with your results, usually in about one minute. Docs with smartphones can check clinical trials for patients literally while they check blood pressure or look in their ears or take care of other business. Absolutely stunning and very practical application.

    I also like that it will tell you how far the trial is geographically if you provide your location, so you can check travel time. I am keeping an eye on these folks! 🙂