Pharma Linkdump

Pharma items that caught my attention over the last couple of months:
Great tutorial from the Dalhousie University College of Pharmacy on searching for drug information in PubMed.
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The main goal of the Therapeutics Education Collaboration (TEC) is to provide physicians, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, other health professionals, and the public with current, evidence-based, practical and relevant information on rational drug therapy. The overall philosophy of the TEC is to encourage clinicians to engage in shared informed decision-making, critical thinking, and exercise some degree of healthy skepticism when it comes to the use of new and old medications.

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Medical Librarian and blogger Rachel Walden notes that Google searches for drug information no longer seem to return results from MedlinePlus. I agree with one commenter that this is mostly likely the result of SEO, and Rachel asks just the right follow-up questions: “Should NLM be spending time/money on SEO? Should Google find better ways to block SEO efforts on quality-sensitive topics like health information?”
From the ACRL Wiki comes this list of resources on Information Literacy in Pharmacy.
SIDER (Side Effects Resource) is new to me.

SIDER contains information on marketed medicines and their recorded adverse drug reactions. The information is extracted from public documents and package inserts. The available information include side effect frequency, drug and side effect classifications as well as links to further information, for example drug–target relations.

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  1. Thanks David for these. The SIDER site is new to me as well. I like the way it aggregates this info from disparate sources – labels, product monographs…etc in one place and the search seems to work well. A consumer version of this would be so useful.