CiteSmart (3rd-Party PubMed/MEDLINE Tool)


CiteSmart is a citation software specifically developed for PubMed users to faciliate the writing of manuscripts and other academic documents. With CiteSmart, retrieving references from PubMed is just a click away. This revolutionary software has many new features not found anywhere else. You will be able to:

* Search PubMed from your Word document.
* Insert a citation directly into your document from Internet Explorer.

These two features will save an enormous amount of time. It reduces extraneous clicking and the need to create a database of references. CiteSmart handles it all!

Anyone care to try it and write up a proper review? Perhaps for the JMLA?

3 thoughts on “CiteSmart (3rd-Party PubMed/MEDLINE Tool)

  1. At first face a tool that would handle only PubMed citations doesn’t seem extremely attractive to me. Many of my patrons use citations from all kind of databases, like OVID MEDLINE, EMBASE, CENTRAL, CINAHL. I would prefer tools that can handle all these kind of citations and can deduplicate them.
    That may be different for people writing primary studies and getting almost all references from PubMed.