A Lovely Use of RSS

My brother, Andrew, a Web developer, is a very clever guy and a fan of woot.com.

Recently, he bought a digital picture frame from Woot that can be fed photos via RSS- as a gift to my parents.

The clever bit is where each of my siblings created a Flickr or Photobucket account in which to post photos of grandchildren. The feeds from each of these accounts was combined in Yahoo Pipes so that, once the frame is set up on my folks’ WiFi network, any new photos posted appear in their digital photo frame.

What a great way for a geographically dispersed family to keep grandparents updated.

My mom called to tell me how much she liked it, and I made a point of noting it was Andrew’s clever idea. All I did was mash the feed together in Yahoo Pipes.

I love technology when it is used intelligently.

8 thoughts on “A Lovely Use of RSS

  1. Sweet and thanks for sharing this! We may have to upgrade Grandma’s frame and do some coordination with the non-geek siblings because Grandma can’t figure out how to upload the new photos we email her.

  2. Yes, great idea! My MIL has not yet used the digital frame my husband got her last year. Though of course she doesn’t have wifi either!

  3. Love the idea! We just got my mom a wireless picture frame for Christmas. We three kids have access to her Flickr and we just post the pictures in there for her. She wanted something like Flickr so she could print off a picture if she wanted.
    Is it possible to get your nifty Pipes thing to do the dumping for all of us into her Flickr account?

  4. I don’t believe so, Michelle. Flickr doesn’t make it easy to move photos from one account to another. However, you could combine feeds from all three kids into one and set up email notification for her so she’d always be alert when there are new photos.

    Another option is to use this tool to copy all your photos into her account:

    …but that won’t KEEP her account updated with new photos from the Flickr accounts of the three kids.

  5. Think FeedWordPress and WordPress are a good way to generate a combined photo feed, too.