Making “David Pogue Direct”

So a reader writes to NYT technology columnist David Pogue, saying he wishes there was one button he could push to receive all Pogue’s writings and videos. The reader even suggests a name for this: “David Pogue Direct.” It’s a great idea.

But David Pogue says there’s no “one-click Pogue subscription” and that to catch all his content online, one has to subscribe to multiple sources in multiple formats.

I think that stinks. I think there should be a one-click way to keep up with Pogue. After all, he’s one of my favorite writers on technology.

So…let’s see if we CAN make a one-click Pogue Subscription.

We already have an RSS feed for Pogue’s Posts (his NYT blog):

To get his columns, Pogue suggests an email subscription (bleah!).

Here’s the feed for his NYT columns:

Pogue only has one solution to get his videos syndicated, and one to get them sans syndication:

* VIDEOS: Subscribe through iTunes . This is better than finding them on the Web, because (a) you’ll never miss one, (b) no ads, (c) higher quality, (d) iPhone/iPod compatibility, and (e) they’re downloaded files, so you can play them at will.

[UPDATE: If you’re not into iTunes, you can also get the videos on, from my video channel here. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to subscribe to it automatically.]

We can do better than that.

Want to subscribe to Pogue videos without having to use iTunes?

Subscribe to one of these feeds in your favorite aggregator: (.mp4, no advertisements)
OR (Links to each new Flash video on the NYT Web site, has advertisements)

Pogue gives his Twitter user ID, but that isn’t suitable for a one-click “Pogue Direct” solution, so we’ll grab the RSS feed for his Twitter stream:

So, let’s use Yahoo! Pipes to slap ’em all together. While in Pipes, we’ll even add a word to the front of each title so you know which feed the item is coming from.

Want a single RSS feed? Here you go:

Prefer to get that via email? (I don’t recommend it. Who wants an email every time David Pogue Tweets?)

Enter your email address:

Preview of David Pogue Direct:

I did this for fun and to see if I could. If Mr. Pogue objects, I will of course disable all of this. I’m a fan, after all.

Still, wouldn’t it be smart of the NYT to offer a convenient, one-click channel for David Pogue’s content? Slapping this together took me 20 minutes. Imagine how cool it could be if the NYT did it.

9 thoughts on “Making “David Pogue Direct”

  1. OMG! I bow to your superior Web wisdom,…and will blog your blog!

    Can’t believe YOU DID IT!!


  2. This is super awesome. I’d not really grokked the power of Y! Pipes until now. Really excellent tool. Thanks for demonstrating how flexible it is.

    Would it be possible to get an alternate feed w/o the Twitter feed? If you already follow him on Twitter, that might be overkill/repetitious.

    Thanks for putting this together. 🙂