CDC and HHS Guidelines/Policies on Social Media

Does it say something that these .gov agencies have formal social media operations and policies?

Centers for Disease Control
CDC Social Media Tools Guidelines & Best Practices

Front page for social media at the CDC:

Health and Human Services
The HHS Center for New Media, Standards and Policies

Front page for HHS Center for New Media:

Brief “interview” from AdAge with Andrew P. Wilson, web manager for HHS:


Pblackshaw: So Andrew, does the Health and Human Services Department really have a social-media team?

AndrewPWilson: Yes. See The social-media outreach effort is being directed by the department’s new Social Media Center.

Pblackshaw: What does that mean — Social Media Center? Just you? A full team? A body of activity?

AndrewPWilson: People in the department have been working with social media for some time, e.g., (and others). Now we’re starting broader initiatives.

Pblackshaw: But just you? What’s your role?

AndrewPWilson: It’s still evolving but much more than just me. To start, developing resources and expertise in the dept to help HHS understand and use new tools.

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  4. I’ve been to presentations by the Center for New Media at HHS, and they are doing good things. One thing is developing relationships with “free” social media resources that are standardized, and make it possible for HHS to use them. They are also doing training. I think that a bunch of what they are doing is consulting with folks who are using social media in their work and projects.