eBooks, Audiobooks, Overdrive and DRM

I love these solely based on my experience as a patron of a public library, trying (and failing) to enjoy the ebooks and audiobooks they offer.

Shelf Check 373

I’m sure the good folks at the Cleveland Public Library have seen this by now:

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5 thoughts on “eBooks, Audiobooks, Overdrive and DRM

  1. They probably have. It is much easier to just check out the audio CD and listen to it in the car or on the computer….or do what most of the regular public does, burn it to the iPod.

  2. Oh these are gold! I have a Mac and can’t download any of my public library’s highly hyped e-audio-books (I think there needs to be a more cumbersome name), at least none that I would actually want to listen to. I always wonder what publishers think is actually going to happen if they don’t use DRM.

    The library I work at struggles with how e-books fit into our collection. We are fortunate enough to be a medical library so at least, for the most part, we’re just providing reference materials instead of stuff that needs to be loaned.

    The one thing I know for sure is I don’t want to read off my screen when a print book is far easier to deal with.

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  4. If you can get through the 18 steps the first time, you’re golden!! Then you get books with about 4 clicks – even my 70 yr old parents can do it. I have a hold list going all the time, and 3-4 books fit on my 1Gb player. They are TERRIFIC motivation for me to walk 2 miles every morning, with no weekly trips to the library, no overdue fines, and no missing CDs.

    BTW, lots of Overdrive titles are now iPod-compatible.