Ashley Julian at Trent and Company

[Ashley responded! see update here]

Maybe it isn’t fair to pick on Cision quite so much. After all, there are lots of other spammers who don’t even respond to my polite requests asking to be removed from their distribution lists.

One of my least favorite of these is Ashley Julian at Trent and Company.

(Nancy is the President of this firm and can also be reached at 212-966-0024. Anyone have an auto-dialer I can borrow?)

If you’d like to make me smile, please send these two some email? Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Ashley Julian at Trent and Company

  1. David,

    I just got spammed by Ms. Julian myself for at least the third time this month. She has no idea what I cover and no idea where I’m based. Adding insult to injury, there’s no unsubscribe option in the emails.

    I saved myself a lot of headaches by opting out of Vocus. Maybe I should do the same for Cision. Those services are nothing more than crutches for lazy PR hacks who can’t be bothered to understand that the fact I cover a couple of small elements of the healthcare industry does not mean that I am interested in personal health, fitness or even pharma.

    Thanks for posting this.

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