Nice Review of Our Book!

Herein lays the major accomplishment of this fine easy-to-use reference: allowing the reader to more easily and efficiently navigate through some of today’s most useful Internet tools. The book details ways to maximize the efficiency of Internet search engines and tools that allow the busy health care provider to find, manage, and organize the information that they need in a timely fashion. To this end, the authors have done a spectacular job.

This well-planned concise reference book is well organized, with an ample table of contents. The individual chapters contain numerous boxes that contain short key highlights. An adequate number of schematics, most referencing variations of an advanced Google search, make correlation between the text and actual Internet usage more user friendly. While the title implies that this fine book might be most suited for physicians, Internet Cool Tools for Physicians is equally applicable to numerous other groups including, but not limited to, information technology and picture archiving and communication system personnel, nurses, medical researchers, basic scientists, and medical students, as well as undergraduates who are interested in health care professions. In fact, the fi rst seven chapters are so broad in context that any modern-day user of the Internet would most certainly benefit from this book.

Thanks, Dr. Stoffey!

[Book available here]

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