Searching PubMed on a Mobile Device


An increasing number of students and faculty come to campus with an iPhone or iPod touch. Aside from recreational use, these devices can be used to search for medical literature, but picking the right applications for searching can be difficult. A comparison test was created to find the best application for searching PubMed from an iPhone or iPod touch. The products tested were PubSearch, PubMed on Tap, and PubMed for Handhelds. Although equally accurate, PubMed on Tap was the superior product due to its simple method for limiting by date and its readily accessible e-mail feature.

Yup. That’s pretty much what I said in the MLA Webcast.

One thought on “Searching PubMed on a Mobile Device

  1. … there is also what I believe a little known PubMed PICO version, launched by the NLM in 2004 ‘PubMed® for Handhelds Offers Searching via PICO’ at . It may look a bit dated in 2010 , but has some interesting features, e.g. it suggests that the ‘C’ and ‘O’ in PICO may be optional…

    The NLM Technical Bulletin describing this version is here: No mention of iPhone or iPod, though: this was 2004…