Are you going to the MCMLA 2010 Annual Meeting?

I’m speaking at MCMLA 2010 this weekend and just now realizing that I’m not sure I’ll know a soul there.

So that I don’t feel like the new kid at school who has nowhere to sit in the cafeteria at lunch, drop me an email if you’re going to be there? I’d also like to pick your brain a bit as I finish polishing my presentation. My email address is shown in the sidebar of this blog.


7 thoughts on “Are you going to the MCMLA 2010 Annual Meeting?

  1. Hello,
    I am attending MCMLA. I don’t think you need to worry about being alone. I was talking with another attendee last night and she also was very excited to hear your presentation. Therefore, I think you will have plenty of people that will be more than happy to eat lunch with you. I, however, am very shy so don’t rely on me. I just wanted to give you some encouragement. Reverting to my mom role I am afraind. That said, mom’s can’t stand to see a lonely child. Bring your star wars lunch box and look pathetic. I’ll find you.

  2. Hi, David. I am a member of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the MLA and gave a short talk at the MCMLA meeting in 2008. They are an incredibly friendly group (of course, it helped that they knew my much beloved boss, Dorothy O’Brien, who had been a member of the MCMLA for many years–there is to a remembrance of her at the meeting you are going to).

    I have been to quite a few library meetings and the warmth and friendliness of the MCMLA members is really extraordinary and unforgettable. I was nervous, never having given a paper before. I was very much encouraged and supported by all the members. I joined the MCMLA right after the meeting and am still a member and will continue to be. They are just darned nice people and outstanding library professionals. The sessions there highlighted some really fascinating, innovative programs and I learned a lot.

    And as an Easterner, you will get a kick out of the authentic Western high spirits of the members. I remember so well that when the names of awardees of prizes and honors were announced many members of the audience called out, “Yeehah!”

    You will have fun and I have no doubt that your talk will be much enjoyed and discussed.

  3. Hi, David. You are much in demand. The MCMLA is lucky to have you. Your dance card is usually full up.

    Well, to Oregonians like me the Midwest is back east. Tee hee.

  4. Yes David what Hope said is entirely true. The MCMLA members are very friendly and we are very much looking forward to your talk. So I am sure that you will find your dance card full.

  5. Thanks, Hope. You are so sweet to say all those nice things about my chapter! And Valerie is Sooo NOT shy!