Slides: NAHSL 2010

Thanks again to the organizers and participants of NAHSL 2010 for inviting me to speak! Newport is lovely and I had a very nice time.

[Slides embedded below]

[Slides embedded above]

As usual, my favorite thing about the event was the people I got to meet. FINALLY met Margo Coletti. I got to meet and chat with Lee Rainie (from whom I learned the word “tweckle”). I was delighted to meet Barbara Davis, who made this trip so delightfully easy and pleasant.

Another memorable moment was meeting Jeanie Vander Pyl of the Cape Cod Hospital Library. We had a brief correspondence in April 2009 that gave me a lasting case of warm fuzzies and reminded me how much I like the cooperative habits of so many librarians. It was a real treat to meet her in person and thank her for that.

3 thoughts on “Slides: NAHSL 2010

  1. Awesome, I wonder who will be the model for the future ‘Emergency medical information hologram?’ Apply soon unless you are genetically enhanced.

    Another great presentation.


  2. Good question, Alisha. Maybe Mark Funk? He has that knack for being simultaneously very professional and efficient, but friendly and approachable.

    I’m giggling to myself at the thought of Mark appearing with a beep and a blink and saying: “Please state the nature of your health information information need.”

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